Types of Diabetic Patients that you might Meet at a Medical Clinic

Types of Diabetic Patients that you might Meet at a Medical Clinic

Of the devastating mental and physical diseases, diabetic patients have too toped this list. In fact, there are many complications due to this illness. On the other hand, it affects the lives of the diabetic and those around him or her. Given that, there are many things that an individual should be aware of, in order to fight this disease. There are many individuals who live with this condition for many years, with careful monitoring. As a fact, many are researching on topics related to it. With that said, if you have this condition, you should make it a point to follow healthy diets and follow treatments.

There are several types of this disease, which you might be confused of. In face, many individuals have confusions regarding it and state misleading facts. For that matter, it’s important to be clear of this condition. Moreover, there are many things that you need to be aware of as well. As a fact, you’d have a clear understanding of the types of diabetes. Given that, here are the three types of diabetes that an individual may develop:


  • Pre-Diabetes

You might not have heard of such a types before, however, this includes everyone, with more than average levels. However, these individuals aren’t labeled as diabetic but are on the borderline. This is considered the warning period, prior to developing other forms of it.


  • Type-1

On the other hand, Type-1 diabetes is quite common too, which affects about 10 percent of the populations. There are many approaches for treating this stage of the illness, which is also known as an autoimmune disease. This occurs when the immune system accidently kills the beta cells, which are responsible for secreting insulin from the pancreas.


  • Type-2

Of all the types, this is the most common condition that majorities are affected with. This condition occurs due to insensitivity to insulin. That is, the body is not able to use the secreted insulin or there’s an issue with the production of it. As a fact, both children and mostly adults develop this type, which could be treated with medication, diet planning and so on.


  • Gestational

Additionally, gestational type is a condition that pregnant women develop, which is temporary. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry but keep track and take necessary approaches to control it. However, if ignored or not detected, would affect both the mother and baby.

A diabetic individual’s blood glucose levels rise as there’s limited insulin secretion from the pancreas. This is the organ from which, insulin is secreted to help the glucose be absorbed to the body. When this cycle is affected, it leads to serious complications. As a fact, many develop this condition, which could progress without proper medical attention.