Many Myths Regarding a Harmful Illness

Many Myths Regarding a Harmful Illness

Imagine you receiving a call with shocking news of a loved one being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. This type of news devastates family members to the core. In fact, at present, there are many dreadful diseases that individuals develop. For instance, these include coronary heart diseases, cancer, brain tumours and so on. Of the many illnesses, diabetes too has been added to this list. However, there are many misconceptions regarding this condition as well. Other the common questions such as the development, seriousness, etc. other facts should be falsified. You might wonder, why is it important to do so, when you could simply avoid these statements?


Many overlook the serious damage it could to those actually suffering from this disease. It affects these individuals more than it can be highlighted here. Moreover, those who are suspecting of having this disease would be reluctant to go to a specialist as well.  For that matter, it’s important for individuals to recognize such false statements and avoid spreading more myths:


  • Severity depends on the type

As you might already know, there are several types of this disease, which affects many lives. However, this isn’t true and you should not hold onto phrases such as mild or not a serious issue. If you’ve received a diagnosis of having blood sugar, it’s imperative to be careful. Therefore, even the specialist says that it isn’t serious, you should be careful.


  • All who develop this disease becomes blind

Blindness is one of the severe symptoms that affect an individual’s personal, social and occupational life. However, it should be noted that, not every individual develops this symptom. Moreover, with careful monitoring and control of other habits, this could be avoided. For example controlling unhealthy diets, doing exercises and so on.


  • Every diabetic should take diabetic foods and fluids

There’s no such category as normal, cancer, diabetic food and so on. Any individual with disease could eat vegetables, fruits, sweets, beverages, etc. However, the content and intake of it should be reduced significantly. Moreover, individuals should drink more water and reduce taking coloured drinks or other beverages.


  • Sweets is the main cause for this disease

Another myth that should be cleared away is the notion that, sweets or confectionary products are the leading cause. However, this isn’t true, as, it’s a combination of more than on reason. For instance these also include unhealthy lifestyles, stress, genetics and so on. For that matter, you should control and monitor other areas of lifestyles too.

It’s not easy for individuals to digest the news of being diagnosed with this disease. Hence, when people start researching and come across these false facts, they’d be discouraged and disheartened. However, with the proper information, people could seek proper professional consultation. Therefore, it’s important to debunk these myths and spread the word to others too.